Partner English Spanish Talking Translator with Business Organizer

Partner English Spanish Talking Translator with Business Organizer

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This device is a linguistic microcomputer of a new generation created to give you freedom of speech and ease of mind. This advanced system recognizes English and Spanish speech and generates clear and life-like pronunciation of English and Spanish texts not limited to dictionary entries. The Voice Phrasebook consists of more than 1,100 phrases in English, Spanish and German covering typical situations such as checking in a hotel, shopping, visiting a bank, etc. This model combines two parallel input devices: a well-designed keyboard and a high-resolution touch-sensitive display. Besides it allows English voice input in the Dictionaries section.

The basic English-Spanish bidirectional dictionary comprises more than 1,000,000 words. There’s also an explanatory dictionary of the English language and a Spanish-Russian bidirectional dictionary of over 50,000 words. The dictionaries provide not only direct and reverse translations, but also instant explanations for all the words and expressions. Search in the dictionaries is made faster by MorphoFinder™ and the advanced word recognition: one can simply type the initial letters of a word or spell it out, e.g. bi-ou-ou-key for book, and the list of suggestions will be displayed.

Partner® ESX5 features a highly efficient full text translation system Lingvobit™ and allows users to compile their own dictionaries automatically shared with the Main Dictionary.

The section for the study of English includes an electronic English grammar book, guides for TOEFL and US citizenship exam preparation, a list of English irregular verbs and Learning Cards with words for easier memorizing. The interactive phonetic practice with speech correction compares the user’s pronunciation with the standard and rates it as Excellent, Good, Poor or Wrong.

The 2MB organizer with the two-language interface includes a telephone directory, memos, alarms, a calendar, a scheduler, an anniversary list, an account manager, currency and metric converters, 4 games and a crossword solver. The organizer data can be transferred to a personal computer. Some sections can be locked against unauthorized access. The digital voice recorder can record up to 7 minutes of voice messages. The organizer also features a Drawing Board where simple drawings can be created. The comprehensive reference section features Travel Guide, English Names List, Local and World time with maps for visual aid and Telephone Codes of more than 4,000 cities all over the world.


Vocabulary: more than 1,000,000

Voice: English and Spanish
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