Mongolian Barbecue Range Cook Top

Mongolian Barbecue Range Cook Top

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The MBR Mongolian Barbecues represent the latest advancements of an ancient art. Each of three burners, spaced equally around an anti-warp top, has it's own controls and safety pilot system, thereby providing the greatest degree of safety.

The MBR is generally used in conjunction with refrigerated cold lines. Guest fill a bowl with their favorite ingredients and sauces. They then hand the bowl to one of the chefs (the MBR can accommodate up to three chefs at one time) and the show begins! The charm of the MBR is in watching a skilled chef work the magic of cooking on this giant griddle.

The cook surface is made of a newly developed material designed to achieve the searing heat of wok-style cooking and still remain flat.

A 2" stainless steel outside rim prevents dripping into the combustion chamber. Seasoning the top is easy. The round stainless steel exterior body is very attractive.

A special layer of material under the stainless exterior acts as a heat sink to diffuse the intense temperatures generated inside the 10 gauge steel combustion chamber. Unit is mounted on cross-braced stainless steel legs with adjustable feet or optional casters.
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