English Persian Farsi Talking Dictionary

English Persian Farsi Talking Dictionary

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This model is a talking dictionary with advanced linguistic capabilities. It represents the most recent generation of high-performance integrated educational tools. EFa400T features the standard American QWERTY keyboard combined with the Farsi keyboard. The available set of national characters depends on the selected input mode.

The bidirectional dictionary contains over 450,000 translations to and from English and Farsi including medical, technical, business and legal terms. The dictionary features instant reverse translation for all the words and expressions, as well as spell-checking by means of the award-winning Vector Ultima™ bilingual system.

Ectaco Text-to-Speech technology provides pronunciation of any English text, not restricted to dictionary entries. Speech frequency, speed and volume are adjustable. The English/Farsi phrasebook of over 1,100 English phrases is divided into 12 conversational topics. EFa400T contains the English grammar book and a 128K personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers. Persian numerals


Vocabulary: 450,000 Voice: English Idioms: 200 Commonly used phrases: 1100
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